Planning & Zoning Commission

Greg Kendrick – Chair December 2025
Tony Chambers December 2027
Dale Hoover December 2026
Karla Brazelton December 2024
Ed Wieslander December 2025
Ted Olson December 2024
Judy Webb December 2028
Piper Brodsack Council Liaison

Zoning Map

Planning & Zoning Resources

If you wish to be seen in front of this board, please type a letter to the board explaining what exactly you want from them and why. Supporting documentation is always a plus; you must fill out the front and back of the request form. The fee is $75. It takes about 6 weeks to set up a meeting, please bring all your documents and the fee payment to City Hall to start this process. 

Tammi Dillavou is the City Administrator and, therefore, the Zoning Administrator. You can email her or call her at City Hall. 



Zoning Codes, Building Permits, And Zoning Maps