Planning & Zoning Commission

Greg Kendrick – ChairDecember 2020
Tony ChambersDecember 2022
Dale HooverDecember 2021
Ed WeislanderDecember 2020
David WieslanderDecember 2019
Karla BrazeltonDecember 2019
Ken ThomasDecember 2018
Dean McGheeCouncil Liaison

Zoning Map

City of Mitchellville

Planning & Zoning Resources

If you wish to be seen infront of this board please type a letter to the board explaining what exactly you are wanting from them and why. Supporting documentation is always a plus. The fee is $75. It takes about 6 weeks to set up a meeting, please bring all your documents and the fee payment to City Hall to get this process started. Thank you.


Building Permit – Trade

Building Permit – Fence

Building Permit – General

Right-of-Way Permit

House Moving Permit

Zoning Map 2017

Zoning Ordinance

Chapter 165-1 Sign Code

Chapter 165-2 General Provisions

Chapter 165-3 Nonconforming Uses

Chapter 165-4 General Regulations

Chapter 165-5 District Regulations – Part 1

Chapter 165-5 District Regulations – Part 2

Chapter 165-5 District Regulations – Part 3

Chapter 165-6 Site Plans

Chapter 165-7 Administration

Chapter 166-1 Subdivision Regulations